Day 1: Mess with me. I dare you.

Day 1: Mess with me. I dare you.

This little guy was inspired by a conversation at Weapons of Mass Creation. Audience members kept asking how to avoid being called a B!tch. It annoyed me to pieces. Seriously annoyed me. There are two things to consider with this one. 1) Either you need to ask how everyone you work with defines a B!tch, and conduct yourself accordingly. Don’t forget to check back regularly as it will change on a daily basis. 2) Just because you are called a B!tch does not make you one. Seriously, people, stop worrying about what other people think of you, be yourself, AND do the right thing.

I really like the look of this little guy just as a sketch, but I wanted to see what I could do with him. So, I dropped his tail in Photoshop and added a bit of color.
So after playing in PS, I dragged his tail into Illustrator. A quick hand tracing (no live trace allowed in this project!) and here he is.

Seeing them all together, I prefer the original. The sketchiness and lack of color fit his personality.


Tell me your thoughts:

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