Day 36: Funky Musician Owl

Music always triggers interesting visuals for me. What my mind sees is usually  a bit funny and unrelated. The best music follows my favorite running trails. The rise and fall of the pitch, the rhythm of a certain instrument (it’s usually the guitar), key change(s), and the harmonies all bring to mind various parts of a trail run (hills, fallen trees, narrow paths, wooded paths, paths through open fields). I don’t usually connect with the words in the song–An odd response for someone who spent many school years singing and studying vocal music, but who said I was normal?

I interpret music a little differently than most, so I figured why not do the same with musical symbols? This owl was a serious challenge, but a fun one, too.

Just for a laugh: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me maybe” triggers images of a hospital stay. Probably not what she intended, but that’s what I get. Why? Listening to that song is the equivalent of breaking both legs and being bed-ridden in a hospital. ABSOLUTE TORTURE (aka no running and no chance of sneaking in a run)!

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy! But here’s a crowbar, so beat me maybe?


2 thoughts on “Day 36: Funky Musician Owl

    1. Thanks Nick! I love playing with this kind of challenge–I’ve done several variations on the Stupid “K” exercise in Stefan’s book (p 39). (I just did one last week!)


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