Day 39: Pansy Owl

One of my favorite flowers has always been the pansy. I love how they seem to have faces, giving each one its own personality, even if it is the same color as all the other blooms on that plant.

Pansies were also the only flower my grandfather actually liked. My sisters called him “Grumpa” because of his gruff attitude. They were terrified of him. I was always the good girl, so I quickly became his favorite. He’d take me to the parades, buy me ice cream, wink at me while getting after my sisters, chase away my bullies (peers and grown-ups), and tell me “good job” when I stood up for myself. Shortly before he died, he told me I was a smart kid and that he was proud that I was going to make something of my life. He was my hero.

He’s been gone for 17 years, but I still hear his odd laughter just when I need it. So today’s owl is a tribute to my grandfather. He saved my life and never knew it. I wish I could have saved his.


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