Day 43: Creepy Owl


I know the title is Creepy Owl, and this guy really doesn’t look so creepy. But with a little context he could be. During today’s quick 3 mile run, I passed another runner wearing a hoodie and aviator glasses. Not exactly what you wear on a 90 degree day, unless you’re up to something. Most runners nod, wave, or smile (kinda) when crossing paths. Not this creep. He ignores me, and then does a u-turn just around the bend. The trail we were on is a short loop through the woods. His u-turn made no sense, since it would have made more sense to exit the trail at that point. That’s when I decided today’s work out would be a sprint through the woods, across a few barely used trails, and straight to the sheriff’s barn. The creep was nowhere to be seen when I got to the barn and told the park ranger about him. Thank goodness I know that park so well!


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