Day 48-ish: Owls in the Storm


This one is just a day late, but a migraine and possible allergic reaction to who knows what knocked me out last night. No worries, though. You’ll get two posts today.

And now a bit about these owls…Yesterday, a friend and I ran a benefit garage sale in my front yard.The weather seemed to be cooperating. It wasn’t scorching hot, as it has been for days, and the forecast called for a possibility of pop up thunderstorms.

I assured my friend that the chance of us actually getting rained on was slim. For the last few days thunderstorms have literally split up around the area around my home. We’d see a storm coming straight for us on the radar, and it would break up around our street or the street just north of us, giving us only sprinkles but great views of lightning and a few rumbles of thunder.

All day long, the dark threatening clouds would pop up on one side or another but nothing ever came of them–they seemed to go around us. About an hour before we were planning on wrapping up, we noticed some pretty nasty clouds to the north and laughed and joked, knowing they were not going to actually hit us. A nice crack of thunder and suddenly we are in a serious down pour. We scrambled to save what we could and spent the next 30 minutes or so packing everything up in the rain. Of course, just as we finish the rain lets up, the sun breaks through, and her husband showed up.


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