Day 82: Paisley Owl

A while back, I tried tackling a paisley owl and didn’t quite hit the mark. This time around, I made it work. The inspiration? An old piece of fabric and…the fair! This weekend I will be taking in all of the wonders of the local fair.


Day 81: Calm & Happy Owl

Today’s just another calm day. Not too much going on–no soccer games, band shows, cross country meets, Girl Scout meetings, or Boy Scout meetings. So nice to have a free evening! Here’s a calm (and happy) owl to celebrate the empty calendar.

Day 80: Calm Owl

I thought I’d continue on my retro owl route when I found a pretty sweet piece of cloth that screamed to be made into owl eyes. It’s been a calm, quiet day…just like this owl.

Day 79: Crooked Beak Owl

Owl with a crooked beak

Today I had my last round of allergy testing. It was an interesting visit. I’m officially allergic to mold and house dust AND my doc thinks I should have a nose job. No joke. The official issues: enlarged something-or-others, deviated septum…and that weird lump on my nose. The doc called it a chondroma, but that sounds too serious to me. Basically the cartilage in my nose has decided to continue to grow on one side while the other side has decided it’s all good.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t really bother me since I only see it when I see my reflection, and as long as I take my allergy medicines, I feel fine. So I’ll keep my pointy, not-so-little nose–thank you very much…at least until I feel like there’s a really, REALLY good reason to chop it up!

Day 78: Gloomy Owl

It’s a gloomy rainy day here. All this gloom and gray has me feeling kinda putzy and foggy. Such a blah day. It probably doesn’t help that my ankle decided that swelling was a good look for it to day and forced me to skip my lunch run…which would have been in the rain. (I LOVE running in the rain!)

Day 77: Wine-o Owl

Yep, I’ve still got the incredible Raspberry Wine from Maize Valley Winery stuck in my head. If my glasses of raspberry wine had been allowed to touch a napkin, I’m sure that the stain it would have left would have looked something like this owl. But, I did not let a single drop of it go to waste. It was that good!

Day 76: We Interrupt This Blog for a Wine Tasting!

It’s another late post, but I have a really good reason for it. The nonprofit I work with had a Wine Tasting, and I had a ton of prep work to get done.

If you ever get a chance, you’ve got to head out to Maize Valley Market & Winery and be sure to try the Raspberry wine. It’s the tastiest raspberry wine I’ve ever had. Of course, a visit to Maize Valley wouldn’t be complete without some Hanky Panky and a Big Red Pecker. What? They’re wonderful  wines!

Day 75: Let’s Go Retro?!

Part of the reason I started this challenge was to try to find my style. I love anything retro, and my retro owls are among my favorites…So maybe I’ll stick with retro?