Bonus guest post

During my vacation, I spent a ton of time with some very talented young artists. The first two owls were created by a published illustrator and writer who has written and illustrated 8 whole books. This accomplished 1st grader critiqued my owl work and offered some very good advice–make backgrounds for the owls!


The next owl is from yet another published illustrator and author. She is well-known for her goat stories and horse drawing abilities and will be entering kindergarten in the fall. She decided she would make her own version of one of my owls. While drawing it, she told me that I should use more colors.


The next owls came from one of my toughest critics, who is also a published illustrator and writer (and just 4 years old). “Why do you draw owls? Can’t you draw anything else?” she questioned looking quite bewildered. “It’s okay. I’ll teach you to draw other things like people. People are important to draw.”



As you can see, I have some very serious and talented competition (aka nieces)! They have taught me so much about drawing, and I love each of them for being unique, creative, and honest.


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