Day 111: Odd Owl

This odd owl came about while talking to a friend of a friend about Girls on the Run and my owls. I made a comment that I was still looking for today’s inspiration and suddenly noticed the print on her shirt. It had several different shapes that could become an owl, but one set looked like eyes and a beak. Of course, after playing with the oval shaped “eyes” that inspired me, I wound up with a completely unexpected owl. I was sure I’d have one that looked a bit like Day 3, Day 70, or maybe even Day 101. That will teach me to jump to conclusions about my owl inspiration.


Day 110: Ho-Hum Retro Owl

Feeling quite ho-hum today. After 2 days of dreary weather, you’d think I’d be able to break out of that ho-hum feeling and enjoy the sunshine. But the gloom of the last two days is just sticking with me. I’ve got that Sunday-carride-with-Grumpa-Marlboros-Make-Me-Pukey feeling right now, but another day of working the Girls on the Run booth tomorrow should fix that!

Day 109: Eames Era Owl

Today’s owl is just a bit later than usual. But I have a good excuse. A really good excuse. I was watching Eames: The Architect and The Painter. As soon as it started, I was completely captivated by it. I was so focused on all of the items in the background and what they were saying that everything else seemed so far away. (Of course, I had to pay extra close attention during the 10 second shot of the Herman Miller plant in my strange little hometown.)

If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, you should! Details on the film are here:

Day 108: Alert owl

I keep watching for a break in the rain so I can go for a run without getting completely drenched (and frozen). So far, there hasn’t been a break since noon. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get one. I usually like running in the rain, but yesterday’s rainy run left me chilled to the bone for hours. I’ll keep watching for that break…

Day 107: Cranky Owl

It’s been quite a long time since I created a cranky owl, so I just had to do it today. I’ve actually had a pretty good day–I got to run part of my favorite trail with a fun running buddy!

Day 104: Just Right Owl

Ever have one of those days where you realize that you’re in the right place at the right time? That’s what today was for me. I spent most of the day at a cross country invitational. While watching a bunch of students race each other can be quite entertaining, that wasn’t what brought about this realization. It was all of the girls and women telling me (and others) how much Girls on the Run has changed their lives for the better. There were girls who hated running when they started Girls on the Run that stopped by the booth to tell me how happy they were to be on the cross country team at their school, women who had walked our Girls on the Run 5k that had to come say thank you for helping them find the inspiration to start running, and the girls that were interested in running when they started GOTR that had to stop by to let me know they haven’t stopped running since completing the program. I knew some of these people personally, but most of them were strangers. It’s amazing to realize that just by volunteering with Girls on the Run, I’ve helped so many people become healthier,  happier, and stronger.

If you haven’t heard of Girls on the Run, please check out this link: I promise you won’t regret a second you spend learning about this amazing program!

Wondering what the connection between my day and this owl is? When I sat down to create her, I had no clue what I would do with the shapes I was creating. With a little work, all of the pieces just seemed to fall into just the right (somewhat quirky) places.

Day 103: Strange Owl

This odd little owl was originally inspired by a Lucienne Day design. (She’s one of my favorite textile designers and has provided a good deal of inspiration for the owls on this blog.) I found the eyes in one of her designs, and found myself at a loss about what to do with the rest of the body. But, the soundtrack to Rad helped me find the rest of this owl–I can’t help but picture the ugly pastel triangle designs of the 80s every time I hear “Get Strange.” I guess I needed to get strange after a wicked week of incredibly intense work.

Read about Lucienne Day (and see the design that sparked this owl) here:

Curious about Rad? YouTube has a few clips here: (It’s all about BMX racing and loaded with 80s awesomeness!)