Day 88: Skeptical Owl

My dogs regularly throw me for loops. I really wonder if they’re messing with me on purpose. I mentioned going to the groomer to get his nails clipped to one of them. He just wagged his tail and looked happy as can be. As I’m loading him up to go to the groomer, I notice blood around one of his nails…and scattered around my office. So instead of spending 10 minutes and $10 at the groomer, we end up spending 30 minutes and $35 at the vet’s office. My dog somehow cracked his nail and the vet had to pull it off. Now my trouble-making beagle has a huge bandage on one paw, and he’s hamming it up every time I look his way! I’m sure it’s his way of saying that injury is all my fault!

Yes, I know this one is a day late…all I had time to complete yesterday was the head…and that just felt like I was cheating.


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