Day 143: Halloween Owl

I thought about this owl all day long. I wondered how in the world I could take my retro style and make it Halloween-ish. It was way too easy! Thank goodness–I have to make squirrel brains, witches fingers, spiders, and eyeballs for dinner tonight, and that’s going to take a bit of work. Happy Halloween!


Day 142: Atomic Starburst Owl

Most designers hate starbursts. REALLY hate them! When it comes to my usual design projects, I am one of those designers. But when it comes to atomic/retro design, I actually prefer them.

And, in case you’re up for a design-related laugh about starbursts (and color, white space, logos and much, much more), check this short movie out:

If you’re not a designer, here are some tips you should know about design before watching the movie:

Gigantic logos are obnoxious and overwhelm your message. A well-sized logo is immediately recognizable, but does not overwhelm your message. Bigger is not better, we promise!

White space is good. The eyes need to rest. Anything with too much text set in too many typefaces, will drive your viewer away. No joke.

Starbursts are corny ways to attract attention. They make ads look cheap and poorly thought out.

As for colors, they should not “pop.” Pop is not something colors do. Too many colors crammed into a space or too many bright colors can frustrate your audience. Seriously. Colors should work well together and add to your identity.

And of course there’s the issue of unrelated images. Throwing in an American flag, a rose, or other unrelated graphic does not make your audience immediately link you to patriotism or love. Images should reinforce your message not distract from it.

Don’t agree with me? Try reading an ad that has every single space filled in with starbursts, ugly typefaces of all sizes, obnoxious colors, ridiculous images, and a ginormous logo. Not so fun, is it?

Day 141: Boomerang Eyes Owl

It’s been a loooong Monday–loads of training for work again, which is quite interesting, but gets to be exhausting after a couple of hours. Then there’s the whole Sandy ordeal. We’re just getting leftovers really, but we still get to do a bit of prep work for the high winds and that should be starting up any minute now (and continuing through tomorrow afternoon). Of course, it’s raining and frigid out so I had a ton of fun running around the house closing up storm windows and trying to pull any dry-ish wood from the wood pile during my lunch.

Some good news for today: I found the 2013 My Owl Barn Calendar has been posted. This one is a pretty sweet deal. I chose the owls I liked best, then selected the month that I wanted them to appear with and the site spits out a lovely PDF for me. I’ll be printing mine on some cardstock and hanging them on my wall of inspiration. They’re a bit small for me to use for a training log, so I may end up designing an owl calendar of my own…one of these days. Anyway, here’s the link: Go give it a try!

Day 140: Another Geometric Owl

I’ve had the design for this owl’s eyes hanging around in my files for quite some time now. They never quite fit any owls I had tried to use them with. I came across the eyes again today, and realized they would be great for another geometric owl. So following the style of days 103, 116, & 124, I was finally able to find the owl that needed these eyes!

Day 139: Paisley Owl

Today I was inspired by another piece of vintage fabric that had a touch of paisley to it. When I started this owl, I thought I could avoid the paisley side of things. I was wrong. She just didn’t seem right with anything but a paisley-styled wing. It looks like paisley could be growing on me.

Day 138: Sashiko Owl

So I had a few minutes to flip through a book about Sashiko again today. I couldn’t resist taking one of the patterns and transforming it into a set of eyes for this owl.

Day 137: Starry-Eyed Owl

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning without hardly a sign of any of the illness that was threatening to ruin my last few chances to run in sunny warm weather before the frigid winter sets in. I was even happier when I was actually able to hit a nice pace during my run today. I sailed through 3 miles without a cough sneeze or ache. It was awesome! (So awesome that I’m thinking about running another 4 miles in just a bit.)

Where does the starry-eyed owl come in? I had Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed” stuck in my head throughout most of my run.

Never heard it? Check it out here:

Day 135: She’s Got Lucienne Day Glasses

It’s been one of THOSE days. I expected to wake up this morning without any signs of yesterday’s pukeyness, which I did. Instead, I had a truly wicked pain in my side. Woo hoo. Another kidney stone. So I focused all my energy on getting rid of that monster. Of course, as soon as the stone seems to be taken care of, I notice that my cough and the pressure in my chest is getting way worse. To make it even worse, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day for running with temps in the 80s! Yes, I am seconds away from a complete temper tantrum! This has got to be some kind of cruel joke.

To cheer my self up, I turned to my favorite Lucienne Day pattern to create today’s owl. Thank goodness that worked!