Day 141: Boomerang Eyes Owl

It’s been a loooong Monday–loads of training for work again, which is quite interesting, but gets to be exhausting after a couple of hours. Then there’s the whole Sandy ordeal. We’re just getting leftovers really, but we still get to do a bit of prep work for the high winds and that should be starting up any minute now (and continuing through tomorrow afternoon). Of course, it’s raining and frigid out so I had a ton of fun running around the house closing up storm windows and trying to pull any dry-ish wood from the wood pile during my lunch.

Some good news for today: I found the 2013 My Owl Barn Calendar has been posted. This one is a pretty sweet deal. I chose the owls I liked best, then selected the month that I wanted them to appear with and the site spits out a lovely PDF for me. I’ll be printing mine on some cardstock and hanging them on my wall of inspiration. They’re a bit small for me to use for a training log, so I may end up designing an owl calendar of my own…one of these days. Anyway, here’s the link: Go give it a try!


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