Day 142: Atomic Starburst Owl

Most designers hate starbursts. REALLY hate them! When it comes to my usual design projects, I am one of those designers. But when it comes to atomic/retro design, I actually prefer them.

And, in case you’re up for a design-related laugh about starbursts (and color, white space, logos and much, much more), check this short movie out:

If you’re not a designer, here are some tips you should know about design before watching the movie:

Gigantic logos are obnoxious and overwhelm your message. A well-sized logo is immediately recognizable, but does not overwhelm your message. Bigger is not better, we promise!

White space is good. The eyes need to rest. Anything with too much text set in too many typefaces, will drive your viewer away. No joke.

Starbursts are corny ways to attract attention. They make ads look cheap and poorly thought out.

As for colors, they should not “pop.” Pop is not something colors do. Too many colors crammed into a space or too many bright colors can frustrate your audience. Seriously. Colors should work well together and add to your identity.

And of course there’s the issue of unrelated images. Throwing in an American flag, a rose, or other unrelated graphic does not make your audience immediately link you to patriotism or love. Images should reinforce your message not distract from it.

Don’t agree with me? Try reading an ad that has every single space filled in with starbursts, ugly typefaces of all sizes, obnoxious colors, ridiculous images, and a ginormous logo. Not so fun, is it?


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