Day 173: Retro Teen Owlet

Retro Owlet

14 years ago today, I gave birth to an 8lb 15oz cuddly baby boy. He was quite short and round, so his nickname came easily. My little Teddy Bear loved to cuddle but enjoyed his alone time too. Despite a few very minor health issues, he really made parenting seem so easy. Now that we’ve hit the teens years, things can get a bit rocky (thanks to homework & girls), but I’m still so proud of him…even if he doesn’t want me to call him Teddy anymore.


Day 172: Atomic Retro Owl

Just playing with some atomic designs…

Day 169: Atomic Owl

I have a crazy week of vacation recovery, volunteer work, and design work this week, so I may not have much to say about the owls for a bit. I had to use a “planetary orbit” adaptation for this one–my head will be spinning this week as I try to stay on top of everything.

Sharing my owls

Since several people have asked for my owls, I’ve decided to make them available for personal use. If you would like any of my owls, they can be purchased at my Etsy site for a small fee. File options are PDF, jpeg, or native Illustrator or EPS file. Visit my site here: and enter coupon code OwlADay40 for a 40% discount.

For commercial use, please leave a message with the owl of your choice.

Thank you to all of you who have followed my blog and left so many positive comments. I really appreciate all of your support!

Day 168: Sad Owl

It struck me how sad the atomic boomerangs can look when placed next to each other in just the right angle. Today was the last day of our visit with this side of the family. It’s quite likely that the next time we’ll all be together will not be until May. It’s tough on the kids since they get along like best friends. My daughter takes leaving them the hardest since both sets of aunts and uncles played important roles in her growth when she was quite young and she is very close to all of her cousins. Now that we live hundreds of miles away, she feels a bit disconnected from the rest of our family. Today’s owl is a reflection of the sadness they all feel when we all head back to our home states.

Day 167: Eager Retro Owlet

My nieces once again created several owls to post here for the public’s enjoyment. It always amazes me how they tackle each new idea with bright-eyed enthusiasm and confidence. Today’s owl was inspired by all 4 of them. I hope they can maintain their enthusiasm and confidence throughout their lives. (Their owls will be posted throughout the week.)