Day 154: That owl just ain’t right

I have been told that I live in “the bubble.” On all sides of where I live, there’s poor schools and loads of crime, but in our little township, the schools kick tail (among the top in the state) and the crime rate is relatively low. So imagine my Shock when I find out that someone tried to sell our adult neighbor. This is not a chain email or anything like that–this happened to the young woman across the street. The woman attempted to lure her to Korea to sell her. This has my brain going in all kinds of crazy directions. Needless to say, I will be at the bus stop with my preteen daughter (who fits the same general description of my neighbor) tomorrow and every day until this woman is locked up. After that I may watch from the front door.
With all that in mind, I couldn’t make much sense with this owl and ended up with an owl who’s just not right…like the woman who was willing to sell another woman. Crazy lady had better not come near my baby girl. I’ll make her kind of crazy look run-of-the-mill. Ain’t no one messing with my baby. Oh hell no!


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