Day 155: Shocked Owl

Last night, I posted a link to my owls for my HOW friends to see. These peeps are seriously talented designers that have done some really awesome work–stuff that I could never even begin to imagine how to create or conceptualize. I posted a link to this site to distract from some other posts on our closed Facebook page and braced myself for the worst. It wasn’t that I thought they would tear apart my owls. In this group, if the work is bad, there will be some positive critiques and maybe a few bad jokes. But, if it’s really bad, there’s nothing. Absolute silence. But that’s not what happened. In fact, I received quite a few positive comments. I was shocked (and excited). Just another reason I love my HOWies* and just have to say a huge flashing, hot pink, Comic Sans THANK YOU to all of them. 😉 They made my night (last night) and my day (today)!

* HOWies: Designers who have attended the HOW Design Conference and the best designer friends a girl (or guy) could ask for!


One thought on “Day 155: Shocked Owl

  1. I’m not surprised, you’ve made some great owls. In particular, although they are fairly simple, each owl is quite distinctive, has its own personality: that’s quite a feat.


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