Day 161: Retro Fall Owl

Today’s run reminded me that it is indeed fall. When I started out just before 4:00pm, the temperature was in the mid 50s and the sun was just starting to set. I was quite comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt and very happy to feel the warmth of the sun as I ran. That didn’t last very long. The temperature was dropping with the sun, and after 25 minutes my arms and hands were bright red and tight with cold. By the time I wrapped up my 50 minute run, my hands were locked so tight with cold that I could barely free my car key from my shoe laces. I miss the warm weather already.

Before I hit the trail, I put together an owl calendar and posted it in my Etsy Shop. Check it out here: I’m still figuring out the coupon code deal, but once I do I’ll post it here as a thank you for visiting.


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