Day 204: The Last Owl of 2012


2012 was quite a hectic year for me. Hopefully 2013 will be a bit calmer, like today’s sleeping owl.


Day 203: Angry Owl


We’re watching most of the nieces and nephews (and seriously questioning our sanity). So far we have busted plots to plastic wrap toilet seats, tape doors shut, and create a stunt double obstacle course–that’s just within the first hour. Right now there’s an epic Nerf battle between all the boys and girls! They all sound pretty ticked as they scream threats at each other–but then giggle in retreat. Pretty hilarious when I remember that I get to retreat!!! (Don’t tell their parents that we fed them ice cream, chocolates, and Mountain Dew!)

Day 197: Chaotic belly owl

Now that my kids are gadget-enthralled teens, my house doesn’t get all that loud or chaotic (unless the dogs are acting up), but add in the younger kids, aunts and uncles, beverages, candy, and Just Dance and you’ve got some seriously fun chaos! It takes just a bit of adjusting for me, but it’s always worth every second.


Day 196: Retro Owlet


Spending another week with my nieces and nephews means learning and seeing some incredible creativity! The stuff they come up with leaves me wide-eyed in amazement–just like today’s owlet. They are all great creativity teachers!