Day 189: Owlets on my mind

retro Owlet

The last few days I can’t help but think about the amazing creativity young children have. My nieces and nephews and daughter can crank out owls within seconds. They haven’t learned to judge each color, shape, and crayon stroke–they just draw them with incredible confidence. Lopsided eyes, extra legs, crooked beaks–they are awesome and the best they’ve ever done. EVER!

I love their positivity, but when I think about it now I can’t help but think about that last masterpiece that Newtown moms and dads have hanging on their fridge. There will be no more random drawings with misspelled messages to cheer them up or just because. Just that last one.


3 thoughts on “Day 189: Owlets on my mind

    1. I have lots of ideas for my owls, but very little time. Two jobs, kids, dogs, owls, and running leave me with just enough time to come up with new ideas, but no time to complete them! 🙂


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