Day 235: More fun with spirographs


After a few days of warm weather, the temperature dropped and the snow has started its assault again. The sting of the frigid snowflakes as I rushed into the gym inspired today’s owl. I’m pretty sure those snowflakes had wickedly sharp corners–just like the pattern in this owl.


Day 234: Flower Power Owl


A flower power owl for a busy day.

Day 233: Stellar Owl


It was nearly 60 degrees out today! After spending so much time in the teens and 20s, this was a seriously awesome heat wave. Of course, I took advantage of it and ran (more like splashed and slid) on a few trails. By the end of my 30-minute run I was caked in mud but happy as could be. It was quite a stellar day!

Day 228: Spirograph Owl


I decided to play with shapes today. I started out with s squiggly line and played around until it created several pretty cool shapes. It was just the kind of playing my brain needed today.