Day 263: Shattered Owl


In case you’re curious, I haven’t been posting much for text with my owls for a while. There’s a good reason behind that–my eyes pretty much feel like this owl’s eyes look. I’ve got some funky eye allergies going on that make looking at a computer screen pretty painful, especially after a long day of detailed design work. My posts might remain a bit on the quiet side for a while, but I hope you’ll enjoy my owls without my odd ramblings.


Day 257: Wintry Spring Owl


I’m so tired of all the cold and snow. Is it spring yet? It’s about time for a bit of warmth and a few flowers around here, wouldn’t you say? Monday’s forecast is a high of 47–it sounds absolutely amazing. I’ll be getting muddy on some trails for sure!

Day 256: Sleeping Owl


Since returning from my Michigan Adventure, I have felt like I am sleep walking. I just want to wake up! I can make it through most of my day without noticing it, but I get to the point where I just want to crash by late afternoon. I hope I get over this funk soon.

Day 255: Retro Crescent Owl


For today’s owl, I wanted to see what I could create using a crescent. It took a while, but I found some interesting retro-y ways to use the crescents.