Day 247: Retro Coffee Bean Owl


I start my day with a creative exercise of some sort to help me gather up my creative energy for the day and switch to my “work” mode.

Today, I started my day in one of my favorite hangouts from high school—back then it was a quaint little coffee shop. It has had a bit of a facelift since those days, and is a bit more upscale, so I had to giggle when I settled on my creative exercise for the day: Find 5 elements within my environment to create instruments for a rock band and figure out how to assemble them before a live (screaming) audience.  This one is from Stefan Mumaw & Wendy Lee Oldfield’s Caffeine for the Creative Mind—I never leave home without it, and neither should you! [/end sales pitch]

And now for the show…

Center stage right we’ll have the shiny gold bags of coffee beans–Someone will have to shake them like they mean it. Upstage center I’ll have percussion—an array of coffee mugs, thermoses, and jars of coffee beans. The percussionist’s challenge will be playing these with some biscotti. Oh yeah! Center stage left, we’ll have some musical bottle action—using the partially empty bottles of flavoring.  Center stage will be…jar roll please…the iPad chorus! And just for some creative pizazz, we’ll have the super cool illuminated Wade Gugino artwork as the backdrop for the stage. (They’re pretty sweet framed glass etchings that are lit using LEDs that rotate through a series of colors. See a sample here:

Wondering what I’ll call the band? Lord Save My Ears, of course! Run away while you can!


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