Day 248: Retro Scandinavian Owl



Today’s challenge was to find 10 new uses for GPS. All I could think of was The Jetsons and all of the super-cool automated things they had. When I was a kid, it seemed so silly and impossible. But as I considered today’s challenge, I realized that most of that stuff exists and really what is there that can’t be done through some form of GPS connection these days? I shoved that negative thought aside and came up with my list:

  1. Place grocery order based on in-season foods and best deals
  2. Create menu (using #1)
  3. Recommend stores with better prices
  4. Recommend wardrobe for the day
  5. Alert you to close-by annoying people (boss alert)
  6. Annoying people/boss escape routes
  7. Running forecast
  8. Trail alerts (A girl’s gotta run!)
  9. Design inspiration alerts (especially vintage 1950s Scandinavian art–the inspiration for today’s owl!)
  10. Creative Master Alert (Chip Kidd just checked in at JP’s Coffee House! Go pester him like a crazed fan?)

In reviewing my list, it’s pretty apparent that I’m a cheap runner & designer that prefers to avoid annoying people and craves inspiration. What’s your list? And, what would it say about you?


Tell me your thoughts:

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