Day 249: That’s My Owl!


My brain was having a rough time getting started today. I searched for an intriguing creativity exercise but not a single one seemed to be quite right. With just 15 minutes before I began my 8 to 5, I was at a loss. So for today, I thought I might write about two instances in which I spotted my owl illustrations hard at work, making money for other people. The kicker: although the owls shown on this site are available for purchase, these had never been purchased. They were stolen! One appears on a devotional (ironic isn’t it?) and the other appears on a sign in a sad little antique market in Akron, Ohio.

The thieves hadn’t bothered to mask their crimes at all. With the exception of a few minor changes, these owls appeared exactly as I had posted them on my Facebook page a few years ago.  I could get upset about it, but actually, it’s a bit flattering that someone liked my illustrations so much they had to steal them. It probably helps that they’re early owls and not even close to what I consider my best work.

I have friends who are doing illustration-a-day projects but only post low-res, low quality images.  Hopefully, I won’t have to do that here. If you like my owls and would like to use them for anything, you can purchase better quality images and even commercial rights through my Etsy account. I love sharing my owls and want to do so fairly.


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