Day 251: Leaving the Land of Eames


I’ve spent the last week in Holland, Michigan–the crazy little Tulip-laden place where I grew up. It was a busy and sometimes hectic visit, but good nonetheless. Since I needed to stay for a week and had no vacation time left, I ended up working my day job from JP’s Coffee House and the Herrick Public Library, which ended up being quite the source of design inspiration.

As a kid, I knew that Herman Miller and Howard Miller were just down the street, and I noticed that everywhere I went there were those funny looking egg-shaped chairs. Of course, they were designed by Ray & Charles Eames–just like most of the furniture in the area. As a kid, I hated those egg-shaped chairs. Not because they were ugly or uncomfortable, but because they were everywhere.

During the last week, I’ve noticed (and appreciated) all of the Eames and Eames-inspired design work around here–especially since I spent some of my lunch breaks pouring over all of the Eames books. This visit has inspired just a little more respect for this odd little West Michigan town, but I’m still super happy to head home to NE Ohio. Thank goodness no one sewed up the opening at the bottom of the “Mitten”!



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