Day 365: The Last Owl…


A year ago, I really wasn’t sure that I could come up with 365 different owls. I figured I’d come up with a few, burn out on the project well before the 365th owl, and move on to something else. I never imagined that when I finally posted my “last” owl, I wouldn’t want to stop, but that’s exactly the case.

This project has helped me keep my design sanity through a very interesting year–a year that has brought about a major change in my career. Effective Tuesday, June 25th at 5pm EST, I will no longer be a full time designer. I’ll be leaving behind my day job as a book designer for the most amazing job ever! On July 1, I’ll start as the first official full-time, paid staff person for the local Girls on the Run council. Of course, I’ll be doing some design work as part of my job, but I’ll also be doing some freelance design work for fun.

So during my last few weeks as a designer, I’m going to keep my daily owl project alive. No promises after July 1st, but for now you can plan on checking back each day for a new cooky retro owl.


One thought on “Day 365: The Last Owl…

  1. Congratulations on completing your 365! I’ve enjoyed following the owls: each one had character.
    After completing the owls, you may like to show us some other pieces? And then of course the occasional owl might sneak in 🙂
    Good luck with the next project!


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