Day 385(ish): After the silence, comes the fun!

Owl a Day has been silent for quite a while. Much longer than I had planned. After taking on my dream job, I just didn’t have the time to create and post an owl all the time, and I really wanted to take my owls to the next level. Today while shaking out the aches and pains of running every step of a 13.1 race yesterday, I realized that I really missed my owls. It’s about time that I step up this project. So (drumroll, please) Beginning Sunday, October 6, I will be posting one poster each week. Since 13 is my lucky number, I’ll promise 13 posters. One poster will include all 385 (or more) owls that have appeared on this blog. I’ll work out the best way to release the printed versions of the posters within the next few weeks.

And just for fun, here’s another owl to add to my crazy collection.