Print 4: Owl Pine for You


Yesterday, I was so sure that today’s print would feature designs inspired by retro televisions. Looking at what I had in progress this morning, I decided that print needed lots more work–so it’s been delayed for a week or so.

I decided to add some mid century modern flair to a pine tree for some of my favorite owlets.

If you really like this print, you can purchase it at

All four of the first prints will be shipping beginning November 1, 2013.



Print 2: More Than a Hoot in the Retro Woods


After putting all three of my prints side-by-side, I realized I hated the background colors on print 2 so I killed it. Here’s the new version.

Now to get to work on print 4. I’m leaning towards retro TV sets as the inspiration of this one. It will be here tomorrow.

Print 3: Blue Owls in a Weeping Willow


This week’s print takes a few of my favorite owls that were inspired by designs of the 50s and gives them a weeping willow to hangout in. This week was filled with good news (a new nephew) and sad news (the lose of a loved one). The simple beauty of the weeping willow filled with some of my favorite blue owls and owlets seemed only fitting for both occasions.

The new print, Blue Owls in a Weeping Willow, is available in limited edition here:

Print 2: More Than a Hoot in the Retro Woods


This week’s print takes a few of my favorite owls that were inspired by designs of the late 50s and 60s and returns them to the retro woods they reside in.

The new print, More Than a Hoot in the Retro Woods is available in limited edition here:

The proceeds of these posters are going toward my teenage son’s crazy expensive trip to China with his high school band in Spring 2014. What mother doesn’t want to send her teenage son to China…at least once in a while. 😉

100’s of Patterns and Photos Stolen by

Knot Just Yarn Blog

In the world of patterns, has been accused of stealing patterns and photographs from websites such as ETSY and are selling them on their website. This action removes the authors and designers from being compensated for their work and completely benefiting

Though I have just received notice of this fraudulent act this morning, numerous complaints from many ETSY users have surfaced in The Crochet Crowd Inbox over night. Great people like Lianka Azulay, owner of has been directly affected as her designs and photographs were stolen. They are selling her patterns putting the money in their own pockets.

In several reports, the website was pulled offline yesterday but resurfaced by a new host today. This company is definitely in this for the cash bypassing any morals to play fair. This is the ugly face of fraud. In one complaint given to me, they are not delivering the…

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Print 1 of 13: Mid Century Modern Birch Trees & Owls

It’s a little early, but I couldn’t wait any longer. So here it is…


If you’d like a limited edition print, you may order it here:

50 prints will be available of each and can be shipped anywhere in the US. If you happen to live elsewhere and would like a print, leave me a message.

We’ll be using the profits from these sales to send my son to China with his school band.