Design School: Lessons Outside My Comfort Zone

My adventures in Make It In Design Summer School continues with an attempt at animal print. It’s no secret that I have always hated animal print anything. Another “style” that makes my stomach turn. No joke. So when I received creative brief #2, I was not excited, but I jumped in.

Since I really can’t stand animal print, I thought I’d look at rare or endangered animals. After hours of stomach-turning research, I found the Clouded Leopard. I love the variations in spot sizes and in the shading within each of the spots. So I played with it. The results were so horrid that will not scar you with an image…actually, I can’t because after I was done with my pity party (yeah, it was so bad that I couldn’t even laugh at it), I deleted the file…and emptied the trash.

Feeling hopelessly design-challenged, I started my search for inspiration once again. That’s when I found the Burmese Star Tortoise. My heroes of the day! In less than an hour, I cranked out this fun design.

Star Tortoise Pattern

Next up: Another adventure in tribal designs. This should be interesting…


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