It Takes Owl Kinds

My owls have been begging for places to hang out as a group! So, I gave them a notebook, a coffee mug, and a travel mug. Get yours online here.


What I Learned From Two Days With Little Jay

Tuesday afternoon started just like any other. I grabbed a cup of coffee and set up office at the picnic table in my backyard. I sat down and took a look at my to-do list and felt my stress level climbing. It’s been 3.5 months since I was fired. I’ve made very little progress with freelance design, which forced me to make my first withdrawal from my retirement savings account. As I battled my self-doubt, I noticed something fluffy fall from a nearby pine tree.

A fledgling Blue Jay had just jumped from his nest. He was stunned and seemed a bit panicked at first, screeching for help. I waited and watched. No one came to his rescue. I didn’t even hear any Blue Jay calls, which is quite strange for my yard.

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