Owladay Fun!

So, I’ve been playing with my owls again. I think I’m having way too much fun coming up with new ways to let my silly little creatures take flight!

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Happy Bird-Day: Owl-a-Day Turns 5


Five?!! Can you believe it?! Five years ago, I accepted a friend’s challenge to “do something” with my owl doodles. That “something” ended up being a 365-day challenge that resulted in 385 illustrations and over 400 owls (several posts had an extra or two as part of the story). I used that challenge to help me beat burnout and escape what had become a soul-crushing day job and to move on to my next big career adventure—what I thought was my dream job: working full-time for the nonprofit I had helped to found.

Short Story: I left graphic design for 4.5 years to run a nonprofit out of my home, only to be fired at a Panera without warning or cause, replaced by a friend of a board member, and left with no chance of a full-time job (thank you “confidential conversations” among friends) and no unemployment (small nonprofits are not liable in Ohio). While I’m hurt by how this was handled, I’m not angry or looking to place blame. It’s simply time for me to learn and to move on.

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Print 5: Owl Keep the Atomic Light On


After hours obsessing over all of the details of this print, it’s finally ready to go. It’s available for preorder at https://gum.co/13OwlsPrint5

For those of you who would like to have prints shipped to Canada, I’ve made that possible through my Etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AtomicOwls

You can also find details on how my prints come to be on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RunderellaDesigns#

Day 16: Don’t tick off a Nun. Seriously.

Back in high school, rumor had it that one of my teachers had been a nun before she became a teacher. The only reason she became a teacher was that she had…um…practiced missionary positions with a priest. This was incredibly scandalous in my teeny tiny Christian town, especially since many residents believed Catholicism promoted idol worship.

One year, the high school theater troop performed The Flying Nun, resulting in a lovely collection of habits. A rather creative senior decided that those habits really should be put to good use before the moths ate completely through them, so he (or she) came up with an epic senior prank. On the last day of school, 20 or so seniors calmly walked into this teacher’s classroom and took their seats…dressed as nuns.

She was furious of course and stormed out of the room  screaming that these students would all pay for this wretched prank. She and the principal returned to an empty classroom, and to this day no one really knows who the group of pranksters were.

This owl is inspired by what I may or may not have witnessed…

Day 15: Ed Emberley rocks!

I spent a ton of time in the library as a kid. I was the stereotypical sickly, scrawny, awkward, shy bookworm–minus the glasses. My favorite corner of my school library was the one that was loaded with dusty books on drawing. I would grab one of the books, curl up in the corner, and attempt to memorize each page, since bringing one of THOSE books home would be the equivalent of stealing in most families. Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals was one of my favorites. His style was colorful and simple–just the way I liked things. So today’s owl is based on his style. Enjoy!


Check the book out here.

Yes, I realize this one is a day late. I thought I posted it last night, but it didn’t stick.