From Owls to Cross Country

Etsy Button Designs

While I still love everything Mid Century Modern and plan to continue to create more retro illustrations, my designs have taken a turn for the trail. Are you surprised?

To make a long story short, I purchased a button maker and got an idea to help cover the cost of my son’s Eagle Scout project that happens to be for his cross country team. Cross Country buttons! So on a super long bus ride to a meet (I’m a coach too), I sketched out 3 pages of designs. Some appropriate for high school–others that are more appropriate for us older runners. Then, I asked the portion of the team that was on my bus what they would want to see on a button, leaving me with a grand total of 62 designs!

With two weeks to go until our big home meet–the Federal League Championships–I made over 700 buttons to sell as a fundraiser. It was a fun project and the first time I really felt confident in my designs for runners. Of course, each of these designs will soon be available on my Society 6 pages on t-shirts, sweatshirts & mugs. Custom pinback buttons are also available on my Etsy page, too.

Of course, what post would be worth your time without photos? So here they are!

Etsy Button DesignsFinished Buttons

I still have several pages of designs, so stay tuned for the next batch…


Day 178: Winter Owl

Winter Retro Atomic Owl

The last few days have been quite warm, but today it’s back to the frigid weather. Since I can’t stop thinking about how much I hate cold weather, here’s a winter owl complete with ice crystals around the eyes.


Day 175: Retro Floral Owl

Retro Pattern Owl

It’s been another busy day, but I still managed to squeeze in a run. It was only a mile, but I was quite amused by the warm, rainy weather in December. Warm weather again tomorrow so keeping up with the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak might not be so bad after all. (I decided to streak since I love running but hate cold weather–having the goal of running just one mile each day has squashed my excuses and helped push me out the door despite the weather.)

Streak with me! Get all the details here:

Day 161: Retro Fall Owl

Today’s run reminded me that it is indeed fall. When I started out just before 4:00pm, the temperature was in the mid 50s and the sun was just starting to set. I was quite comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt and very happy to feel the warmth of the sun as I ran. That didn’t last very long. The temperature was dropping with the sun, and after 25 minutes my arms and hands were bright red and tight with cold. By the time I wrapped up my 50 minute run, my hands were locked so tight with cold that I could barely free my car key from my shoe laces. I miss the warm weather already.

Before I hit the trail, I put together an owl calendar and posted it in my Etsy Shop. Check it out here: I’m still figuring out the coupon code deal, but once I do I’ll post it here as a thank you for visiting.

Day 137: Starry-Eyed Owl

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning without hardly a sign of any of the illness that was threatening to ruin my last few chances to run in sunny warm weather before the frigid winter sets in. I was even happier when I was actually able to hit a nice pace during my run today. I sailed through 3 miles without a cough sneeze or ache. It was awesome! (So awesome that I’m thinking about running another 4 miles in just a bit.)

Where does the starry-eyed owl come in? I had Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed” stuck in my head throughout most of my run.

Never heard it? Check it out here:

Day 129: Crazy Eyelashed Owl

I just had to play with the atomic star that I’ve used quite a bit for previous owls. Can you tell it’s one of my favorites? Sweat kept blurring my vision during today’s run, making me wish I had crazy long eyelashes like some of my friends. Then I would have enjoyed the run even more. 70 degrees this late in October doesn’t happen around here much, so it was still an incredibly fun run!

Day 116: Geometric Owl

I found a fun new 4 mile loop to run today. Looking at the map, my new route made some quite unique geometric shapes. And with a little help from Day 103, I found my inspiration for today’s owl!

Day 115: Pink Retro Owl

Today’s run was quite colorful, but it wasn’t the colorful leaves that really caught my attention. They were gorgeous, but among of the vibrant colors, a few tiny pink flowers seemed to stand out. I’m sure they’ll be the last of the season, so I had to incorporate them into today’s owl.

Day 108: Alert owl

I keep watching for a break in the rain so I can go for a run without getting completely drenched (and frozen). So far, there hasn’t been a break since noon. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get one. I usually like running in the rain, but yesterday’s rainy run left me chilled to the bone for hours. I’ll keep watching for that break…