Owladay Fun!

So, I’ve been playing with my owls again. I think I’m having way too much fun coming up with new ways to let my silly little creatures take flight!

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Happy Bird-Day: Owl-a-Day Turns 5


Five?!! Can you believe it?! Five years ago, I accepted a friend’s challenge to “do something” with my owl doodles. That “something” ended up being a 365-day challenge that resulted in 385 illustrations and over 400 owls (several posts had an extra or two as part of the story). I used that challenge to help me beat burnout and escape what had become a soul-crushing day job and to move on to my next big career adventure—what I thought was my dream job: working full-time for the nonprofit I had helped to found.

Short Story: I left graphic design for 4.5 years to run a nonprofit out of my home, only to be fired at a Panera without warning or cause, replaced by a friend of a board member, and left with no chance of a full-time job (thank you “confidential conversations” among friends) and no unemployment (small nonprofits are not liable in Ohio). While I’m hurt by how this was handled, I’m not angry or looking to place blame. It’s simply time for me to learn and to move on.

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Day 2: Sad Lady


This sad little lady was inspired by yet another conversation about how to avoid being called the B-word. In my mind, people-pleasers can never be happy because they’re not in charge of their lives.

I decided to paint this one in PS, just as I did with yesterday’s owl. This time, I chose to clean up the sketch a bit since the owl’s tail was cut off by the edge of the paper and some of the lines just bothered me.
I wasn’t happy with yesterday’s vectorized owl, so I played with the brush styles in this one, and came up with something that better reflects my style…I think.