Happy Bird-Day: Owl-a-Day Turns 5


Five?!! Can you believe it?! Five years ago, I accepted a friend’s challenge to “do something” with my owl doodles. That “something” ended up being a 365-day challenge that resulted in 385 illustrations and over 400 owls (several posts had an extra or two as part of the story). I used that challenge to help me beat burnout and escape what had become a soul-crushing day job and to move on to my next big career adventure—what I thought was my dream job: working full-time for the nonprofit I had helped to found.

Short Story: I left graphic design for 4.5 years to run a nonprofit out of my home, only to be fired at a Panera without warning or cause, replaced by a friend of a board member, and left with no chance of a full-time job (thank you “confidential conversations” among friends) and no unemployment (small nonprofits are not liable in Ohio). While I’m hurt by how this was handled, I’m not angry or looking to place blame. It’s simply time for me to learn and to move on.

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Owl Print 12 of 13: It’s Owl Atomic


And the last* of the 12 8.5″ x 11″ prints in my 13 owl print challenge is now available. I was in overdrive during my last design session, so this one comes almost a week early. My owls just had to play with those fun atomic road signs one last time before I wrapped up this series.

You can purchase this one (and the entire series) at Atomic Owls (my Etsy site). Use coupon code LUCKY13 for 13% off through the end of the year.

I’ve also added shipping to the UK and Canada!

Since that last design session was so intense–I have three nearly finished owl prints–I’ll send out super secret print 12.5 to only those who have ordered all of the 8.5×11″ prints. It’s always fun to have a nice surprise, right?

Owl Print 11 of 13: Owl Be In Pieces


Owl Print 11 of 13: Owl Be in Pieces was the first of 7 designs (yes, 7!) that came out of this morning’s design session. The ideas just kept hitting me–I was under creative attack, and I loved it!

Since so many owl designs came out of this session, this series will continue beyond the original 13. I’m debating how I want to handle the remaining designs, so keep an eye out here for a special announcement.

For now, you can order print 11 through my Etsy shop, if it happens to tickle your retro fancy.


Owl Print 10 of 13: Owl Top That Tree


After seeing a post by a local vintage shop, I decided to play with odd vintage Christmas Tree Toppers for print 10.

It’s now available for purchase on Atomic Owls. I’ve extended the 30% off a $20 purchase through tomorrow. Enter CYBER13 at checkout to receive your discount.

My prints are now shipping to Canada and the UK, too!


And now back to OWLS: Owl Print 9: Who’s Pining?


The latest print in the 13 owl print series is ready for preorder! https://www.etsy.com/shop/AtomicOwls

Get all 12 of the 8.5×11″ prints now through Atomic Owls. Prints 1 through 8 will ship immediately, and prints 8 through 12 will ship no later than January 3, 2014.

AND (Yikes I sound like an infomercial!!), get 30% off any purchase of two or more prints (even the non-owl prints and the full series) with code CYBER13. The coupon is valid through Friday, December 6.


Print 2: More Than a Hoot in the Retro Woods


This week’s print takes a few of my favorite owls that were inspired by designs of the late 50s and 60s and returns them to the retro woods they reside in.

The new print, More Than a Hoot in the Retro Woods is available in limited edition here: https://gum.co/13OwlsPrint2

The proceeds of these posters are going toward my teenage son’s crazy expensive trip to China with his high school band in Spring 2014. What mother doesn’t want to send her teenage son to China…at least once in a while. 😉

Day 94: Shocked Owl

Yet another crazy day at work. Loads of text corrections and a huge new design project left me feeling a bit shocked when 5:00 rolled around. Thank goodness for my lunch time run, or it just might be off to the funny farm with me!

Today’s owl was inspired by a piece of vintage fabric. I was a bit surprised when I found all the pieces I needed in the pattern to create this little guy (with just a bit of manipulation, of course).

Day 75: Let’s Go Retro?!

Part of the reason I started this challenge was to try to find my style. I love anything retro, and my retro owls are among my favorites…So maybe I’ll stick with retro?

Day 28: Mid-Century Modern Owl


This morning I decided to make a patchwork owl, but as I was looking at fabric patterns, I couldn’t resist the idea of going with a Mid Century Modern printed fabric. The wing and eyes are based on shapes within some fun vintage fabrics and my very favorite vintage dish set. (I have only one piece to the set, but some day, I’ll collect the whole deal…unless I get bored with it.)